On New Year's Day

New Year's Day seems like the most arbitrary holiday. It is a holiday that, while we get it off from work, we do not actually celebrate on the day like most holidays. We celebrate New Year's Eve by staying up late and drinking to excess while making out with strangers. For many people this is their everyday life. For those who have a much more gregarious lifestyle, they spend every night as though it was New Year's Eve. They go clubbing downtown, they drink until they can't see, and they try to find a stranger willing to have their tongue go clubbing down on their downtown. 

The bulk of New Year's day is spent recovering from New Year's Eve. Every holiday of importance is the opposite. We spend the night before in anticipation of the day to come. The day itself is what is important for every other holiday. Valentine's Day being the day we spend with our loved one. Fourth of July being the day we decided "Hey! I don't want to be British." Thanksgiving being the day we said "Hey Indians, thanks for giving us all this land!" and eat ourselves into a coma of self loathing and gravy. Christmas being the day that Christ was born, if you're into that kind of thing, we celebrate by giving ourselves presents, you know, the Christly thing to do. Good Friday being the day Christ died for our sins, and Easter being the day that he revealed that he had faked his own death by hiding in a rabbit costume in order to hide chocolate all around our living room and backyard where the neighbor boy's dog found some and did his best Jesus impression. Unfortunately for the neighbor boy, Rover never mastered the second part of the trick; resurrecting three days later. 

Now one might argue that New Year's Day marks one complete cycle of mothership earth around the sun. This also seems arbitrary as every day marks one completed cycle from that day last year. It seems like New Year's is just a way of designating a unified fuck off day for our disgruntled populace. A day where everybody can let loose all at once, kind of like The Purge with more sex, less murder, and an equal amount of regretful mornings before returning to our mundane existences in the endless capitalist people grinder.

So who am I to interfere with or question our designated day of recovering. New Year's Day is a moment to cleanse ourselves of the year before and all of our mistakes that we did and to look forward to a bright open future where the sky is the limit. All of our goals seem so possible on the brightest of days, the first of January. So enjoy friends and don't let the dark cloud of the least motivating day of the year, January second, stop you in your resolutions. Rejoice in the possibilities and I'll see you all at the gym tomorrow. Ha ha.  Just kidding.