[0003] Dark Souls 3 - POINTS OF NO RETURN

Dead is the new Black

Dead is the new Black

Dark Souls 3 is an action game with a medieval fantasy horror setting. The enemy design is usually very inspired and the vistas can be quite impressive. It is generally held in pretty high regard.

In Dark Souls 3 you play as the Ashen One. An undead being who can’t really be killed. If you fall to an enemy, you simply drop your ‘Souls’, a point that acts as your money and experience points, and restart at the last safe spot you rested at. In my case I made a giant headed, old knight named Entry Incomplete. You then go on a journey to kill everything, big and small. Dark Souls 3 is very good about always having one more thing within viewing distance, allowing you to set small goals while always advancing. The combat is heavily timing and reaction based and it can be easy to get intimidated by the mountains of systems that aren’t explained. All you need to really know is rush points into strength and dexterity and run past this big ass dragon to get the Claymore. Boom, Done. Game Over. You just got the best weapon in the game. Nothing can touch you now.

Dark Souls as a series has a bit of a reputation for being unforgiving. It spawned a thousand ‘Git Gud’ memes. Does it hold up to its own legend? Well, yes and no. ‘Git Gud’ is truly the agenda for these games, but as for the difficulty angle, there really not all that hard. That statement might draw some ire from casual Dark Souls fans, but series veterans should know what I mean. Dark Souls is almost never unfair. The rules are almost always exactly what they seem and most situations require very little other than a little patience. Even bosses in these games range in difficulty from completely manageable to laughably easy. There are plenty of people who play this game regularly who impose strict self imposed challenges to create a new sense of tension that these games honestly lack once you’re familiar with them. You can become incredibly strong and while you may not feel this against the ever stronger foes you face, going back to where you started really demonstrates your growth over time.

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the reputation around the Souls Series, I highly recommend you give at least Dark Souls 3 a chance. With a little patience, I can promise that it is very much enjoyable. Dark Souls 3 takes the number one spot on our list and continues the streak of challengers taking the throne. Let’s see if Stealth Inc 2 can continue that trend next time on Points of No Return.